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Address: No.1559, Canggong Road,Shanghai Chemical Park Fengxian District,Shanghai,China 201417
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1998 Shanghai Zhongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1998.
2005 In 2005, Shanghai Zhongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd. invested RMB250 million in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Fengxian District to build a new base ---- Shanghai Youchuang Chemical Co., Ltd., and established a new R & D and customer Service Center.
2007 August 2007, the company officially moved, the beautiful factory environment, convenient location, advanced laboratory equipment, more mature and perfect production technology, and look forward to loyal customers to provide more stable and better products and services and more Strong technical support, uninterrupted latest product information services.
2012 In January 2012, the Shanghai R & D base - Shanghai Youchuang Chemical Co., Ltd. obtained the production license for dangerous goods.
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