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Metal finishing is widely used in the cleaning, pickling, phosphating and anti-corrosion, can improve the quality of products, increase work efficiency and reduce costs.

Reactive emulsifiers
Use in water based and anti-rust emulsion, improve the water resistance of anti rust ,also can the induce phosphate monomer:APE series

Anionic emulsifiers
Phosphorus containing surfactant, can be used as metal surface cleaning agent and lubricant:PS-530(APEO-free),PS-630,DPS-45

Non-ionic emulsifiers
Can be used as metal surface degreaser, cleaning agent
1.APEO free:A-980,EFS series,M series
2.Containing APEO:CO-630,DP series,LB series

Functional monomer
Modified silicon:SILICON series

Wetting agent
1.Especially for substrate which is difficult to wet:L-808(APEO free), WET(APEO free), OT(APEO free)
2.Enhance chemical stability and pigment bearing capacity, post addition, good calcium ion stability: EFS series(APEO free and low foaming)

Suitable for aqueous system.Low static surface tension,anticratering and anti-pinholing.
1.Decyne diol:WDF-68,104H,104DPM,200E
2.Decyne diol epoxy adduction:WDF-132,440,465

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