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  • 产品名称: Wetting Dispersing & Defoaming
  • tip1: 1、Has wetting,defoaming and dispersing properties.
  • tip2: 2、Satisfy high performance and quality requirement of emulsifier and color paste.
  • tip3: 3、DISP 111 131 151 have different HLB values,and can offer more choices.
  • tip4: 4、APEO free.

极速赛车手机官网Products name Structure Appearance The total active WT% Application and Characteristics
WDF-68 Decyne diol Liquid 68% 1/Suitable for aqueous system.Low static surface tension,anticratering and anti-pinholing,has good defoaming performance.
2/Aqueous emulsifier:such as acrylic ink emulsion.
3/Aqueous basecoat,electrocoat:reduce surface tension,anticratering and prevent from peel like.
4/Waterborne wood paint:good substrate wetting and color developing,keep away from micro-foaming when spraying,cratering and peel like when curing.
5/Aqueous ink:improve the surface defect,easy to mix.Prevent from fogging,good color developing and foam control.  
WDF-132 Decyne diol epoxy adduction Liquid 90%min
WDF-440 Decyne diol epoxy adduction Liquid 98%
WDF-465 Decyne diol epoxy adduction Liquid 98%
WDF-104H Decyne diol Liquid 75%
WDF-104DPM Decyne diol Liquid 50%
WDF-200E Decyne diol Liquid 50%
DISP-111 Alkynol  Liquid 50% 1/Particularly suitable for aqueous system. 
2/Low static surface tension,dispersion polymerization with anion emusifier. 
3/Substrate wetting and grinding aid agent for pigment with low Hydrophilic balance value.Improve color developing and liquidity.
DISP-131 Alkynol  Liquid 50%
DISP-151 Alkynol  Liquid 40%
DISP-160 Silicone modified polyether phosphate Liquid 96%min 1/Suitable for aqueous system or oily ststem.Low static surface tension.  2/Suitable for hydrophobic pigments,provide for low viscosity and suspensibility,has defoaming performance and APEO-free.
DISP-190 Silicone modified polyether phosphate Liquid 96%min
DISP-221 Alkynol  Liquid 70% 1/Suitable for universal colorants,aqueous or oily system.2/Be used in grinding stage and the paste with high concentration.3/Provide wettability and stability for organic and non-organic pigment.
DISP-451 Polyether phosphate Liquid 99%
DISP-455 Polyether phosphate Liquid 99% Suitable for grinding and stabilizing aluminum paste,transparent red iron oxide pigment,etc.

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